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As we all know Yandex has a competition with Google in Europe and Turkey. Yandex managed to make a %15+ market share from Turkish internet and it is growing. People are using its search engine, products, file sharing solution, mail solutions and maps solution.

Yandex has potential to make %50+ market share on Turkish web.


What is this opportunities, What is Google Mistakes?

Google is losing control and trying to make money but they blindly closing basic services for core (old) users.

Because of focusing money Google closing non commercial solutions.

Core users was using them and they did carry Google. They made Google this big what we know right now.

List is big but let me write some of them.

Google closed so many community based products and services.

Google Labs, Google Buzz, Google PowerMeter, Google Apps Free Edition, Google Code, Google Wave, Knol, Picnik, Google Reader, Google Code and Lastly Google Calendar SMS feature.

Google making core users angry. I’m not gonna include here some of very very important api supports and in time they changed those API services with limit and only with money option.

You can use them still but you have to pay crazy amount of money.

Data become Google’s God. Google used us as a rat lab for developing better services and eliminating non commercial services and they become ultimate money maker machine.


Google playing game against own founded rules. Google services was free to use for everyone and revenue model was only search and content based ads.

This is changed in time and they started to sell our data.

Big data business made Google hungry monster.

Google is now not only a search engine company it is software and big data company. Biggest software product is Android and Biggest Data solutions is our personal data collection.

They are selling every data we made on their server. I mean everything !

Do they have right to sell ?

On paper Yes.

But ethically and freedom perspective No.

If they are not or they can not sell our data what are they doing?

Well it is easy to see this. They are closing service or products. Simple for them.

Thats why  Google closed so many product and services.


How Yandex Can Use This Opportunity

Yandex has services ready and has experience for competing with Google.

There is lot of Yandex solutions for normal users, developers and commercial solutions. Yandex know how to fill a empty space for a digital solution need.


Thats why Yandex can and should compete with google much much harder. Because rightnow there is big space for old Google core users.


Yandex need A plan for presenting own solutions and making them multilanguage.


For example couple days ago Google announced they are gonna close sms feature on calendar service.

Well it is very sad for me. I was using that service like 10 year now. They are making my best tool useless.

Yandex calendar service is only Russian language yandex should be ready right now for collecting angry english (and other language) calendar users.



Why Yandex Should Take Some Market Share

I have believe in competition.

Competition makes better solutions.

Competition makes cheaper solutions.

Competition makes better future.

Thats why Yandex should be share this market with Google.



I will update this post in time. Please do write comments and share your ideas to.

Thank you.